S.W. LaFollett leaning on a guitar in Austin, TX

To S.W. LaFollett, it’s all about the song.

And this is how it all started: As a boy, one cold winter day in north Texas, the wind cut across the barren flat cotton fields like a knife. Not a lot to do on days like that, but that’s the day he found it…an old record album of his Dad’s, Hank Williams and the Drifting Cowboys. That name alone sounded like a story, like a song to him. So he studied every word, the one and only photograph, the simple, matter-of-fact lyrics, the beautiful melodies, and the ‘voice’. He believed every word old Hank sang. The fun, up-tempo songs made him smile, and the sad ones made him wonder how such heartache could be made to be so beautiful.

As his love of song grew, new discoveries were made: genres like country, folk, rock n’ roll, jazz, and all kinds of artists. He couldn’t get enough! Treasures were abundant as each new song was like a precious gem. Being influenced not necessarily by the artist but the song itself, young S.W. began plotting his own path.

S.W. started playing his hand the way these men who’d come before him as done. He taught himself to play the guitar, and he began traveling this country in search of life and his own experience. He was living what Hank, Woody, Cisco, and many others had done before him. He was doing what he believed was an initiation of being the songwriter of his music, as these became his stories he was writing, singing, and playing. From hitchhiking across the country with just his guitar and little or no money, to a near fatal rail car explosion, to experiencing love and the pleasure of a beautiful family, SW has lived a very interesting and colorful life that just adds to the song.

This naturally gifted singer songwriter has plenty of stories and songs left to tell. He is not only known as a musician, but also a goodhearted, kind and gentle man, and one of the coolest and nicest guys you’d ever want to meet, never wanting more than the friendship he’s offered and the smiles he’s gotten in return.

You can hear it in his music.